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Emergency Dental - When do you call?

Dental emergencies can be painful and intimidating but Dr. Kevin Christ and his dental team are here to help you feel calm and confident that you are receiving the quality dental care that is needed for your emergency.  We do all we can to get you in as soon as possible to help you get the immediate attention your emergency requires.  

What is considered an emergency dental situation?

  • Trauma to the teeth causing them to become loose, displaced or lost

  • Pain/Swelling

  • Abscess - An infection that is located in the root/gum tissue of the tooth

  • Trauma to the tongue, cheek or lip


A dental emergency could be any of the above issues or another issue that involves the teeth and the supporting tissues.  Dental emergencies do not always involve pain and should always be evaluated by a dental professional as soon as possible.  If left untreated, some dental emergencies, including but not limited to infections, swelling and/or abscesses, can spread to other parts of your body which can potentially but you at risk for larger health problems.  


Please call our office at 303-792-9100 and we will make an appointment for your dental needs. No matter the emergency, we are here to serve you, and take care of your dental needs.

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